Legal Stuff

GDPR Information

This may not be an orthodox approach, but we think it is more honest than many.

We do not collect or use data relating to anyone who is just visiting our site. We treat our site like a shop window. Anyone can come and look, and then go on their way without being pursued or recorded by us. If you decide to contact us or use our services, then yes we need to keep your details, if only to keep the various tax and regulatory authorities happy.

Unfortunately that is not the whole story. We know that our IP and website providers retain information about people using the site. We know this because they periodically offer to sell some of it to us! To be fair, they have certain legal obligations to prevent crime and other anti-social behaviour. Also their tracking measures are used to improve their service, but inevitably some information can be used to track your (and our) browsing history. It is an inescapable consequence of using the internet that someone or something somewhere is tracking your browsing history. We can reject all cookies as often as we like, but that does not stop the tracking. I am told that is possible to run a website without being tracked, but the software is well above the capability of the average website owner, and they would have very few visitors to their site.

So there is the reality. We don’t collect or use your information, but others do, and unless we don’t use the internet, we can’t stop them.

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